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Notice: This is just a log of my thoughts and ideas, I am a programmer not a EE. So take everything with a grain of salt.
Also I am leaning to use Eagle, still not sure how it all comes together.  

This is the beginning of the improvement of the routing and controlling the different audio inputs and outputs though out my house. No idea what I’m really doing, Just wanting to learn something new… the hard way. (If it ever works ill open source it)

The current plan is, to route audio over my Cat5 Cable in my house. I do not care if you think that this is not the correct way or Audiophile quality etc. This is now being down with off the shelf adapters from Jaycar and walking around the house to manual switch input and outputs as needed.  For most of what I listen to, compressed mp3s etc this is good enough.

Audio from various sources from around the house will be able to send to one or more speakers.

  • Main PC output, Jukebox, Living room (TV or Record Player), and misc inputs like Radio
  • Speakers attached to: Main PC, Ceiling, Outside, Living room, and the Workshop


  • High WAF
  • Live in my new rack
  • Expandable as new audio inputs and outputs are created and needed
  • Controlled via the network, HTTP first, then an Android app, then maybe MQTT (currently running on the PI Server)


  • The house will only need to listen to 2 things at once,  so 2 Audio buses
  • I won’t change my mind later.

Current Status

Rev 1 Server side transmitter

To give the audio any chance of working over CAT5, I am going to try and reproduce the balanced lines that the Jaycar transformer is currently doing.

  • I am following the Balance Line Driver and Receiver from
  • 5volt relays are currently being using while I test how well this will work.
  • No web control etc, just switches to select sources etc
  • Still need to work out the +/- supply rails, this will most likely come from a PC Power supply.
  • Add caps etcs
  • Receiver circuit
  • Breadboard / test it

lots more thought needed etc

Qty Value Device Package Parts Description
4 100 R0204/7 0204/7 R7, R8, R9, R10 RESISTOR
2 1k R0204/7 0204/7 R1, R2 RESISTOR
1 X3 10 Pin – 2mm Dual Row
4 33k R0204/7 0204/7 R3, R4, R5, R6 RESISTOR
2 K1, K2 5v PCB Relay
1 RJHSE-5080 RJ45-8PTH RJHSE-5080 U$1 RJ45 Jack
1 Source Switch MA03-1 MA03-1 SV1 PIN HEADER
2 TL072 DIL8S SOCKET-08 IC1, IC2 Dual In Line / Socket

Notes for me:


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