Matching TimberMate Putty

One Coat of Clear

I noticed TimberMate putty at our local hardware store, it got me thinking We have jarrah timber floors throughout our house.
In the last room that we sanded and painted the floor but nail holes and cracks were not filled in.
This was a mistake, Everything else fills in the holes and looks crap.

So this time, they are being filled in.  I came across TimberMate in our local hardware store but their Jarrah tint was too light for out floors. The plan became to mix it with walnut Timber Mate putty.

But how much?

We have a few scraps of floor boards found under the house left there by the builders 45 years ago.  So i made some artificial nail holes and filled them in with the following ratios.

  • 100% Jarrah
  • 75% Jarrah and 25% Walnut
  • 50% Jarrah and 50% Walnut
  • 25% Jarrah and 75% Walnut
  • 100% Walnut

How did it look

The photos do not really come out too ‘good’ on the camera, but hopfully you get the idea.

After all that, because of ease of mixing and that not all of our floorboards are the same shade of jarrah, we just went with a 50/50 mix of tints.

End results

This seems to have worked out and now that it is painted you do not notice the nail holes. Even the ones are where the tint is not 100% matched, they do not stand out even a fraction of the amount when compared to the ones full of dust in the other room.

All this was a bit hard to photograph the final result so here are some of the entire floor.



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