National 4444 Track Stereophonic

Many years ago I pick up this National 4444 Track Stereophonic reel to reel stereo tape recorder for around $10. As it came with no power cords or manuals I had no idea if it works, or what is on the one tape reel it came with had on it. So it went in to back of the cupboard and was forgotten about.

IMG_20160125_112545Today while cleaning out this cupboard for another project, I saw it and it got me thinking. The socket on the side with had confused my many years ago due to the 10 of pins, I clicked now to the a socket underneath which look similar in size to what I just know as a “Radio Plug”.  (Post googling : IEC_60320 C7/C8).  I found a old cord, and modified it with a blade to fit.

After checking the power selector on the bottom (230V) I plugged it in. After messing around with the controls to find the on switch, the tubes came to life. After feeding the tape through and pressing play, the sound came through that probably hasn’t been played for years or even decades.


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