Thermogal 1986

Found a Thermogal, what are you?

Thermogal? What is that?
After getting into my car after work one night, I noticed this besides one the rubbish bins.  After having a closer look, I still had no idea what it was but the case looked like it could be use for something. So into the car it went.

After a short stint of googling, the closest I could find was that it was a device used by professional electrologists.  (image in case it’s removed from the site)
Wikipedia informed me that it kills/removes hair and/or stops its growth.  At this point, it was clear it was no use to me.

So let’s see Whats inside

I found a few date codes on parts in the late 70s but it appears it was last checked in ’86. Only really having a few useful (safe) parts inside, most of the internals ended up where it was destined to go in the first place… the landfill.

What I ended up with

  • Nice weighty test equipment style case
  • 3 240v transformers, 1 unknown output, 2 @ 10v
  • The 2 front panel meters
  • The switches were dead, but the pots looked ok.
  • Old style LED holders
  • And the usual collection of random fine nuts and bolts,

Now what to do with the case…





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