Bulk Domains Lookup

October 12, 2016 Chris Chase 0

So many domains… Recently I was given a list of around 100 domains to check the status of, e.i. Registrar Name, Expiration etc… I sat […]

Switch Hell in PHP

October 12, 2016 Chris Chase 0

Most software programming languages (modern/high-level ones at least) have the idea of a switch statement but often they can get out of control and unwieldy fast.

Thermogal 1986

September 20, 2016 Chris Chase 0

Found a Thermogal, what are you? Thermogal? What is that? After getting into my car after work one night, I noticed this besides one the […]

Another fresh start…

January 2, 2016 Chris Chase 0

I have started again working my 1992 G100 CB23 Daihatsu Charade.  Pulled the covers off this weekend to asses the damage and where to start.  Same […]

Home Audio Server

December 19, 2015 Chris Chase 0

This is the beginning of the improvement of the routing and controlling the different audio inputs and outputs though out my house. No idea what I’m really doing, Just wanting to learn something new… the hard way. (If it ever works ill open source it)